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Pictures of Fergus

We’d contemplated doing an overnighter this long weekend, but ultimately decided that a day trip would do. We decided to visit the little town of Fergus. Turns out to be a pretty quaint little place, with a lot of historic buildings. Many of the homes sport signs indicating the previous inhabitants’ name and occupation: landlord, farmer, shoemaker. The Grand River runs through it, and that lends it some interest as well:

Grand River in Fergus

Grand River in Fergus

It also had some nice trails.

Forest trail in Fergus

Walk in the woods in Fergus

I also enjoyed its I Love Chocolate! store. And, we’d been hearing about how it had this fabulous Indian restaurant, so we tried that for lunch. It’s called Tandoori Grill. We decided to make it easy on ourselves and have the set Dinner for Two. This started with three small pieces of chicken tikka, and three small vegetable pakora. Both were tasty and came with three really nice dipping sauces.

That was followed by a chicken curry, a beef curry, (can’t recall exactly which ones of either of those) and veggie curry with cauliflower, chick peas, and potatoes. Served with rice and naan. This was clearly a place where they ground their own spices, which makes such a huge difference to the taste. The beef—something we normally wouldn’t have ordered—had fantastic texture and slightly sweet taste. The chicken was more “lively”, though the spice wasn’t excessive—it had more of cumulative effect.

Meal at Tandoori Grill in Fergus

Meal at Tandoori Grill in Fergus

So if you like Indian, and you find yourself in Fergus, I’d recommend this place.

We stopped in on Elora on the way home, acquiring yet more Rieker shoes! I also picked up some amazing champagne citrus vinegar at the Olive Grove.

Exterior view of the Olive Grove, Elora

Exterior view of the Olive Grove