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I wish my country were a little bit better

The Conservative’s attack ads against Michael Ignatieff (I refuse to link to them) have such a peculiar tone. Like our main worry about him should be that he used to work at Harvard. Or ending the one ad that seems to run particularly frequently with this “ominous” Ignatieff quote:

I wish my country were a little better.


Him wanting to improve Canada is supposed to make us not want to vote Liberal?

But clearly, the Conservatives think that’s bad. So the Conservative’s political goals, then, are to make Canada worse?

You know, that actually explains a lot…

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And I can’t even blame this one all on Stephen Harper

This kinds of pisses me off:

Federal parties agree to scrap bill correcting voting inequalities

The Harper government and the opposition parties have agreed to quietly sink legislation that would have given Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta more seats in the House of Commons. As a result, urban and visible-minority voters will continue to be discriminated against in Parliament.

Under the legislation, Ontario would have received 18 new seats, British Columbia seven, and Alberta five, bringing all three provinces up to the level of representation in the House warranted by their populations.

Though the above is denied by the government, the bill has been given one day of debate so far, so it’s not exactly speeding on its way to passage. The fear, apparently, is of angering Quebec and Maritime voters.

So fellow Ontarians, BCers, and Albertans, if you really want to have an impact on the next federal election, you’d best move to another province, where your vote will actually have weight.

Because in Canada, everyone is equal. Only, some of us are more equal than others.