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Domestic animals will be disposed of

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OK, so we bought snow shoes. And before it turned freakishly warm for January, we tried them out around the neighbourhood. First couple times, we puttered around the nearby conservation area. And that was kind of fun. So the next time, in the lovely fresh snow of New Year’s Day, we decided to try a community trail area. We had a route all mapped out on the GPS. Only…

There was a fence. And the GPS route had not accounted for this fence. Why this fence? Well, near the community trail, where there are now trees and streams, a new development is going in. And apparently, the developers don’t want people getting too used to walking around in what will soon be a bunch of new suburban houses and lawns. So they’ve put up a fence, and posted “No Trespassing” signs. But not only that.

Other signs say: “Domestic animals will be disposed of”. Ponder that one.

You almost have to admire the chutzpah. Planning to cut down all the trees, not letting anyone enjoying them in the meantime—that’s just warm-up. Next, we are going to kill your puppies and kittens! Take that, tree huggers!

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