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Vote for the animals

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Now, I don’t think animal welfare should be the top issue in this campaign, but Canada’s penalties for animal abuse crimes are a little archaic, don’t you think? And the public gets regularly outraged when an appalling act of cruelty against an animal gets met with a slap on the wrist, as that’s all the law allows for.

So, I guess there is one area where I think we could get a little tougher on crime.

Anyway, WSPA sent a survey to all five major parties to ask for their stand, their platform, on animal welfare issues. You can see the results here.

But without even going there, can you guess? Can you guess which one party refused to answer any of the questions?

You got it. The Conservatives aren’t even willing to make a statement against kitten abuse.

“Where’s the platform — under the sweater?”

— Jack Layton to Stephen Harper

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