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Earth Day gala dinner

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Last year, J and I went alone (together), the event was sold out, prizes were drawn (and we won one), we sat with local food producers or sellers, and the food was quite good.

This year, we were with friends; the event was well-attended, but not quite sold out; there were no prize draws—just an auction, we sat an architect couple and couple consultants (who weren’t a couple); and the food was quite good.

It’s interesting sitting to dine with strangers, and the conversation did range quite a bit, from the artistic merit of local development projects to favourite sci-fi programs to best gay bashes each of us had ever attended. (I had little to report there.) At least nobody was bored.

And the food? Well, I kept the menu, so I can give a pretty darn good run-down. All wines were from Pelee Island winery.

Water: Smoked arctic char on green bean and mesclun salad. Served with Gewurztraminer reserve.
I loves me the local smoked arctic char, and the slightly sweet Gewurtz did nicely set off the acidity of the salad.

Earth: Goat cheese with marinated tomatoes, arugula, and beet essence. Served with sauvignon blanc.
Really nice goat cheese, and the tomatoes had so much flavor! It reminded me of summer. And the wine took on a totally different—and better—character with this food.

Air: Ravioli stuffed with duck confit, duck prosciutto, and saffron cream. Served with Pinot Noir.
My favourite course of the meal, rivaling the best duck raviolo we’ve ever had previously (which was in the Eastern Townships in Quebec). I think I have to try making this stuff myself sometime. And the Pinot did seem fruity enough to stand up to this.

Land: Lamb medallions, beef tenderloin, sweet potatoes, and carrots. Serer with Carbernet Sauvignon/Petit Verdot.
The meatatarian delight! Beef should have been cooked a little less, in my opinion, and overall, a bit of a downer after the duck. But we were pretty spoiled by this point. The wine was no Australian but stood up OK to the food.

Heaven: Gingered apple cake with apple coulis creme fraiche. Served with late harvest vidal.
Nice little dessert, nice little dessert wine.

Managed to finish all courses despite the number of them. And glasses of wine were on the small side, so no headache the next day.

I’ll be looking out for this again next year.

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