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Videos that don’t need more publicity from me

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As all seem to be getting plenty of attention… But since I’m on vacation and have time to watch them, what the heck.

First, from College, Web Side Story, mocking web trends as famous bits of West Side Story are re-created. It’s longish, but really well done! Funny, and a nice job on the music.

Next, So You Think You Dance. I continue to be blown away by pretty much everything Brandon and Janine do, but what about that “Addiction” dance by Kayla and Kupono, eh? Sometimes, Mia Michaels really is brilliant, and these two really brought it. Nice that it also kept them out of the bottom three.

And finally, United Breaks Guitars. My God, this guy has been everywhere since this went viral — CNN’s The Situation Room, CBS Morning Show, CTV National News, Q with Jian Ghomeshi… And more.

One thing not always noted is that Dave Carroll is originally from Timmins (just like Shania). As he recounts in the song, his guitar was tossed around and damaged by United Airways staff, who did nothing to compensate him. So this is his revenge. His goal was to reach over a million views in a year. He’s achieved that in less than a week.

Also, the video is pretty funny, and it’s a catchy little tune as well.

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