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A hazard of going on vacation when all the new fall shows are starting, and the summer fill-in shows aren’t quite done, is that you come home to heck of a lot of recordings on the PVR. We’re still trying to catch up, not much aided by the fact that every day, new episodes get added.

But here’s a few thoughts on what we have managed to watch.

Best new show: Glee

Of course, this post will also reveal Glee is almost the only new show we’ve managed to watch, which perhaps diminishing that “Best” label. Still, we do like it a lot. Both of us, which is getting rare. It’s funny, wonderfully absurd (I particularly like that the cheerleaders always wear their cheerleading outfits to everything, no matter what), often touching, and will have a great soundtrack album.

This one made us laugh and laugh — and then I bought the track:

Also, Joss Whedon will be directing a future episode.

New show I intended to watch but haven’t: Flashback

Though if I ever get around to it, I’ll be able to see all episodes in one marathon weekend, as they’re all stacked up on the PVR there. Anyone see this? Worth my time at all?

New show I was supposed to be offended by, but wasn’t: Cougartown

I don’t know; I just thought it was kind of funny. But after the first episode, just haven’t had the time or space to tape it again.

Old show I finally managed to drop: Grey’s Anatomy

Thank you, Katherine Heigl, for coming back to work on this show, thus freeing up my Thursday nights. Though I have to admit to being a little intrigued by the commercial for tonight’s episode. Who’s getting fired? Wait, who are all those characters? I don’t recognize half of them.

Show I’ve dropped for the time being: So You Think You Can Dance [USA]

Couldn’t do it — couldn’t watch both this and So You Think You Can Dance Canada. And since the US one is dragging out the audition episodes (to free up people for the Canadian show?), and since I can actually vote in the Canadian one, that’s the only one I’m watching now.

I’ve actually been pretty impressed at Canada’s voting taste. I’m OK with whoever wins the title. There is no Evan (or Cody) here.

Show we’re wondering about dropping: Bones

I watch for the characters; Jean watches for the plots; we’re both feeling kind of disappointed. Me, I’m particularly tired of them thinking that I’m desperate for Bones and Booth to get together. Get together, don’t get together; I don’t care–just stop dealing with it so much. I find the other characters more interesting, anyway.

Most strangely addictive show: Mad Men

It’s slow and understated and most of the characters are awful and some of the best characters have left the firm and… I love it. I’m totally drawn in. Three more episodes this season. Where do we go from here?

2 thoughts on “TVTV

  1. FlashForward is great. It’s the only new show we watch. It’s still sort of finding its feet, which is normal for a new program, but the acting’s good, the story moves along, the characters are interesting. It’s quite different from the novel (which is totally worth reading – Robert J. Sawyer is great – you should read all his stuff), but still respects it and there are some nice Sawyeresque touches in it. Pair it up with Fringe on Thursdays and it’s a totally perfect evening of entertainment.

    • Thanks for the reply! Shortly after writing this, we did suddenly find ourselves caught up again (the magic of reruns that can be immediately deleted, plus spending a lot of time being couch potatoes), and we did watch a whole lot of Flashforward episodes. We’ve been enjoying it. It’s a really intriguing premise. Some minor weaknesses in the scripts, but overall it’s moving forward nicely. Good actors, too. So I’m glad we kept it around.
      I did read Wake by Sawyer. Not bad, but Cory Doctorows’ Little Brother was better. Have you read that?
      Haven’t been watching Fringe, though it’s been getting good notices.

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