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You say it’s your birthday


I’d like to begin by wishing the man who almost shares my birth date (his is one day and many years prior) a belated happy 66th. Thanks for taking care of yourself, dude, so that you’re not only still with us, but still look pretty damn good. Glad the tour with Eric Clapton is going so well.

I could say more, but I don’t want Jean to disown me.

As for my own birthday, it was pretty low-key. We were just back from Timmins and Jean spent the day and night before in London (ON) on business, so not much time for grand celebrations. I did get myself a pie, and we did go dancing that night—our regular ballroom dance class. But I finally mastered—or at least, stopped freaking out over—the previously dreaded “fan and hockey stick” step. (Actually, not that hard.) We even got through a new step, the big top, and at least made an attempt at the more complex sliding door step. Whew.

We are planning a joint birthday dinner next weekend at Peller Estates. They’ve discounted their five-course dinner from $80 to $50 for  most of March, so that’s not a bad deal. We just have to find a place to stay now.

As for presents, I’m pondering a new iPod. Just because I’m getting a bit low on space, and I don’t like to do the swapping out thing—want all the music in one place. And I know there are devices—cheaper ones—other than iPods, but I have invested rather a lot of time in iTunes-specific playlist-building in the past five years. Don’t relish trying to re-create that elsewhere.

All that said, there’s no big rush, though, as I still have slightly over 2 GB of space left—Jean would point out that’s half the total space available on his nano. And I think I’m going to explore the refurbished /eBay market. Classics are up to 120 GB now; I really don’t need that much space. Plus, there’s a freakin’ waiting list for them at the moment, which is just irritating. I’d rather get 80 GB now (or whenever I decide to go ahead) than sit around waiting for 120.

2 thoughts on “You say it’s your birthday

  1. Happy belated birthday!

    I won’t get into any “Apple” sucks thing here, but i did want to say that i’m pretty sure most non-Apple products will work with iTunes – it’s just pods that won’t work well (or at all) without it. Jon uses iTunes to organise his gazillion gigs of music on his computer and uses it to put stuff on his blackberry. Pretty sure i could use it with my Samsung (but i so rarely use any MP3 player it’s not worth me trying it to find out – i just drag and drop from windows explorer). Just sayin’.

    • Thanks for the info, since I didn’t actually know that. I suppose it makes sense, since it iTunes just works with the files on the your computer anyway. I’ll keep that in mind…

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