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Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and other movies

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So this is an inaugural attempt at doing current He Said / She Said movie reviews here, instead of on the website where they’ve been for ages. For the efficiency. (Though I may still archive copies on the web.)

I have a bit of catch-up to do.

**½ December Boys (October 2007) – Rental

Synopsis: Daniel Radcliffe, Christian Byers. Four Australian orphan boys get an opportunity to spend a month away in a seaside town, where they compete to be adopted.

She says: The religious overtones of this movie really didn’t sit well with me. And without spoiling what it is, I didn’t think the ending especially worked. I don’t think the choice was a good one.
He says: The religious stuff didn’t really bother me. But I agree with you about the ending.

*** Scott Pilgrim vs. the Universe (August 2010) – Theatre

Synopsis: Michael Cera, Mary Elizabeth Winstead. Scott Pilgrim meets the girl of his dreams but finds he must defeat her seven evil ex’s to win her heart.

She says: Well, that certainly moved along. Very witty. And Cera’s great. But it’s not a movie for everyone, and it wasn’t 100% for me.
He says: OK, I wasn’t bored. But the pink-haired girl wasn’t really my type, and the Japanese girl was cute but way too young.

***½ (500) Days of Summer (July 2009) – Rental

Synopsis: Zooey Deschanel, Joseph Gordon-Levitt. A look back at a failed relationship, and its aftermath.

She says: Funny and true and tightly edited, with good performances by both leads. Definitely a good rental.
He says: Well, her I liked. I could see why he become so obsessed with her. Fun movie.

***½ Despicable Me (July 2010) – Theatre

Synopsis: Steve Carell, Jason Segal. 3D animated movie about a villain who uses three orphan girls in his diabolical plan to steal the moon.

She says: A lot of fun, with plenty of jokes specially for the adults in the crowd. And must say this one is worth seeing in 3D; they do a nice job of playing with the extra dimension.
He says: I would have enjoyed it more without the raging headache, but given that, yeah, it was good. [She adds: He didn’t get the headache from the 3D. He had it going in.]

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