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Is it just me, or does the redesigned Globe kind of suck?


The Globe and Mail has spent a fortune redesigning itself—again. And certainly, I have no problem with the smaller page size, the increased colour, the glossy pages. But the content…?

The rumor was that, in trying to attract a younger audience (or something), there would be more “fluff”. But really, I find it’s in the “fluff” — the arts, the life stuff — that have been downsized the most.

The 7-day TV listings on Friday I used to program the PVR to? Gone.

Rick Salutin’s always interesting Friday column? Gone.

Tabitha Southby’s often hilarious Saturday column? Gone.

Movie reviews? Greatly reduce. Book reviews? Ditto.

The Style section, which I used to generally love its seemingly being aimed primarily at rich Torontonians, is barely worth looking at anymore. Pictures of expensive clothes. Repeats of the Style emails I already get. Russell Smith’s column reduced to a paragraph. Wine reviews now in list format, with rating numbers. So easy to scan–I sometimes miss it completely!

I’m starting to feel like I should be getting a discount, I’m getting so much less that actually seems worth reading. For the first time in many years, I’m actually think of cancelling my subscription.

2 thoughts on “Is it just me, or does the redesigned Globe kind of suck?

  1. I haven’t read an actual paper copy of the Globe in ages, but the website was totally overhauled too. However, i think they have more comprehensive wine reviews (including video reviews) on the site. Maybe they’re trying to move more people to the website?

    • I don’t really understand their strategy. They invested a ton in new printing presses—to move people to their free, virtual version online? I guess, ultimately, they want to increase traffic to both paper and website. Seems a tall order, and it’s not working for me, at least. I used to actively look forward to getting the paper Friday / Saturday, and now it’s just… meh.

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