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Movie review – Capitalism: A Love Story

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Catching up here, since we watched this weeks ago…

*** Capitalism, a Love Story (March 2010) – Rental
Michael Moore documentary looks at the recent financial collapse and questions the economic system that made it possible.

She says: This is Moore’s most radical film to date. Where previous had fairly uncontroversial (to Canadians) arguments that guns are bad, George Bush wasn’t a great President, and America’s health system needs fixing, this one questions the capitalist economic system itself. I couldn’t as easily get on board. And yet, I couldn’t poke that many holes into his arguments, either. Why couldn’t more companies be run as cooperatives? Why do we allow such enormous wage disparities between executives and workers? It definitely made me think, and that’s a good thing.
He says: So he’s like Fox News, at the other end of spectrum.

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