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Movie review: Moneyball

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The conversation before the movie…

She says: How about we go see Moneyball tonight?

He says: Sure. What’s it about?

She says: Well, it’s about how a baseball manager manages to make his team better using statistical analysis… Or something like that. It’s supposed to be really good.

He says: It sounds boring.

She says: I know! It does. I saw the author of the book it’s based on on The Daily Show, and he said he thought it should have never have been made into a movie. But apparently they did a good job with the movie.

He says: You’re really not selling this very well.

She says: Brad Pitt is in it.

He says: Still not helping.

The conversation post-movie:

She says: So?

He says: You’re right. It was really good.

She adds: It really is quite a feat to make a movie on this subject (baseball crossed with economics) so gripping. The script is just excellent. Brad Pitt is also great, to the point where you basically forget he’s Brad Pitt.

**** Moneyball (September 2011) – Theatre
Brad Pitt, Jonah Hill. How the Oakland A’s Manager, Billy Beane, reinvented his team on a tight budget by using “sabermetrics” to recruit players of hidden value.

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