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Because they’re dicks?


Each time the tone seems to have reached bottom, down it goes again. When the House of Commons marked Remembrance Day, each party stood to say a few words honouring the dead, but MPs from the Green Party and the Bloc Québécois needed unanimous consent to speak because they are not officially recognized in the House of Commons. They didn’t get it because some Conservative MP, or MPs, objected. The next day, with the support of the NDP, they tried again. Again the Conservatives blocked them.

Blocked them. From saying a few words in honour of the dead. Why? Who knows? The Conservatives never bothered to explain this shameful deed.

From a very thoughtful article by Dan Gardner, The politics of ruthlessness. He is much more polite in his story than I am in my headline. Well worth reading. (But, I suggest, skip the Comments section…)

2 thoughts on “Because they’re dicks?

  1. Comments sections should always carry warnings that they may prove fatal to your brain cells, but the comments on that article (the few I stomached reading) were esp. bad. Guess the CPC drones were called out en masse to defend their overlords.

    • I know! I really should avoid Comments sections more often than I do, as they tend to make you lose all hope for humanity.

      Thanks for pointing out the column in the first place…

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