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Movie reviews: Two featuring Kevin Spacey

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***½ Moon (June 2009) – Rental
Sam Rockwell, Kevin Spacey. An astronaut miner is nearing completion of a solitary three-year contract to harvest helium 2 when he meets someone else up there: himself.

She says: Haunting and thought-provoking. A mix of suspense and science fiction with a philosophical undercurrent. It contains numerous twists are truly surprising, yet plausible in the context of the story. A strong script, a great performance, and a nice-looking movie on a low budget. Worth seeing.
He says: OK, that was disturbing.

*** Margin Call (October 2011) – Theatre
Kevin Spacey, Paul Bettany, Zachary Grub. An investment firm risk analyst discovers that past miscalculation of complex new stock offerings have left the firm on the brink of ruin.

She says: The recent financial crisis, through the eyes of the 1%, which is a really weird perspective on it. As we see the situation only through various actors at this one financial firm, who aren’t all shown to be monsters, you kind of find yourself routing for them. Yeah, save yourself. Sell those junk bonds. Wreck the economy. But then you’re jolted back to the fact that these people’s jobs are not like anyone else’s, as absolutely incredible amounts of bonus money is dangled as a lure to do the wrong thing.
He says: Showing the characters with bits of humanity and ethics, on the edges, made it more interesting. It was a good movie.

One thought on “Movie reviews: Two featuring Kevin Spacey

  1. Great reviews! I have yet to see Margin Call, but absolutely LOVED Moon, and would probably rate it about the same as you did.

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