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Happy birthday to me

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Birthday celebrations were pretty mellow this year, but I did take advantage of the opportunity to have dinner at Verses, for their “new” menu. Which turned out to be their old menu, soon to be replaced! How did that happen? We’ve vowed to attempt to get to each menu twice in the future.

Jean had the foie gras to start, as usual, and it was amazing. I had gone in thinking I would have the scallop and oyster, but I ended up unable to resist the “tuna six ways”: tartar, sashimi, tuna melt, tuna shooter, slider, and… one other. Delicious! And amusingly, listed as ttttttuna on the bill.

As my main, I went with duck two ways: a roast breast and seared leg. That was served with kale in butter and raisins, and squash gnochi. All really nice. Unusually, I couldn’t finish (needed to leave room for dessert), and it made for a great leftover lunch the next day as well.

Jean had the seafood assemblage that included shrimps, mussels, and scallops, in a lemongrass sauce, on rice. He wasn’t super-crazy about the veggie accompaniments, but enjoyed everything else about it.

As wine with that, we went with an Okanagan Pinot Noir, 2008. It was pretty easy drinking.

For dessert, we had the pavé, and the chocolate and peanut butter, switching halfway. Mine was served in a special way. The number associated with my birthday was Jean’s joke.

One thought on “Happy birthday to me

  1. That was lovely….i cant wait for my birthday:):)

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