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Movie reviews: The Hunger Games and The Visitor

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And talking about two movies that have absolutely nothing in common…

*** The Hunger Games (March 2012) – Theatre
Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson. Based on the novel. Young woman volunteers for a deadly game to save her sister. 24 tributes enter the arena; they are to fight until only one is left.

She says: Well-executed action movie. I was glad I’d read the novel, though, as I think the movie might have been a little confusing otherwise. And of course the book was better, but as the novel is all first-person perspective, it was nice to see parts of the story from other character’s perspectives in the movie. The violence with some subtlety, rendering it less disturbing than it could have been.
He says: Boy, even if you had read the book, it was an engrossing movie, eh? Pretty violent, though.

*** The Visitor (March 2012) – Rental
Richard Jenkins, Haaz Sleiman. A college professor merely going through the motions of his life finds renewed purpose in an expected friendship with an illegal immigrant who is also a musician.

She says: A simple yet effective movie. It was good to watch the main character “blossom” in this late stage of his life, as he gets involved in Tarek’s native music and his fight to stay in the country.
He says: So. Another movie that doesn’t really end; it more just stops.

One thought on “Movie reviews: The Hunger Games and The Visitor

  1. Agree that Hunger Game would be very different if you didn’t read the book. Like your format. Check out my review on my blog!

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