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Working upright

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It’s been a little over a month since the installation of my stand-up desk. It has certainly garnered attention around the office, particularly in the wake of CBC’s recent report on the dangers of sitting, and Andrew Coyne’s mostly serious commentary that excess sitting is a public health hazard. I’ve given numerous demonstrations of how it works, with several people declaring they want one for themselves (most of them don’t have pricing info), and one other person actually having it installed (the price of hers actually covered, as a medical requirement).

At first it felt weird to be standing up while working, but it didn’t take long to adapt. Turns out I can type, read, and edit just as well standing as sitting. The one thing that isn’t so hot is writing with a pen on paper (because sometimes I’m retro like that). For that, I either have to sit and use my desktop (my real, not virtual one), or grab a book to hold and write on while standing.

Proper footwear is really key to making this work. Heels just don’t work at all, both because they’re not that comfortable over time, and because they make me too tall for my keyboard stand! But even flatter shoes have to have good support to avoid foot fatigue. I don’t like wearing ugly running shoes at the office, so I’m mostly in Rieker shoes, as they manage to be both cute and supremely comfortable. When I get a yen for the impractical footwear, I’ll just wear them in and out and during the sitting times at work, then switch back to the Riekers for standing work.

My back and hips definitely feel better. I was getting some pain in my arm until I propped the mouse up higher on a book. Funny how such a small adjustment made such a difference. I also find it better for keeping up energy during the day.

Overall, it’s been so good I’m now eying the home computer to see what I can do. I don’t want make another investment of ergo office equipment, but maybe something can be jury-rigged with boxes?

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