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On the tequila

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Bring on the tequila
On fire on tequila
Hostess most on tequila
Bestest friends on tequila

When you say you’re going to a tequila tasting, most people say Eww!, overwhelmed by the memories of bad tequila experiences in their youth.

I, on the other hand, am not put off by such memories, because I don’t have any. I have never been drunk on tequila. I think I’ve tasted it a few times, maybe had one glass, but I’m not even positive it about that.

So why go to a tequila tasting (as hosted by @StraightUp KW)? Well, a friend of mine helped pioneer Straight Up, and I’ve been meaning to go to one of these events sometime. (Not that they’ve needed me to be successful, mind.) I have been to beer tastings despite not really drinking beer much, and it was interesting, and I even found a few beers that I somewhat like. And this event occurred while the husband was away, and I was thinking it might be nice to go out.

What I learned was that the tequila most of you apparently have vomitous, hangover-y memories of is cheap blended stuff, not really fit for human consumption. What we tried was premium tequila. The host insisted that while you can certainly get drunk on premium tequila—even remarkably quickly—it’s a happy drunk that doesn’t bring on a hangover.

I didn’t drink enough of it to report on whether that’s true or not. I had to drive home, so I’ve still never been drunk on tequila. But I can report on the taste.

Tequila bottles

The pretty tequila bottles

We tried four. The first was the Milagro Reposado, which he said was closest to the tequila most people are familiar with, and which would turn out to be my least favorite. I’m really primarily a wine drinker, so this seemed really burny, something I’m not crazy about. The taste wasn’t terrible, though. It was sort of piney.

The second was called Tres Generaciones, and that was so much smoother! It was a clear drink, with kind of a floral smell and taste, and very little burn. I could imagine sitting and sipping this stuff (sometime I didn’t have to drive). This was served with sangrita, a tomato juice-based accompaniment.

The third was the Partida Anejo, which was a pale yellow color. It was unusual and oakey. An interesting drink, but I liked the previous one more.

Finally, we had the very rare Riazul Anejo, which is not possible to get in Canada, and difficult to find in the US. This one smelled unbelievably sweet, like frosting on a cake or a candy store. Of course, it didn’t taste quite like that, as it’s still this strong drink, but it had a distinctly sweet after-taste with definite notes of bubblegum. Be a great winter drink.

Each taste came with a little hors d’oeuvre serving of items such as grapefruit with creamed wasabi, pulled pork on bread, and tuna tartar. It was also in the lovely setting of the exclusive Member’s Club at Centre in the Square. So tequila was not an ew experience for me.

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