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Movie reviews: Your Sister’s Sister; Inside Job

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We saw the first at the early show at The Princess, then saw the other on DVD at home.

*** Your Sister’s Sister (June 2012) – Theatre
Emily Blunt, Mark Duplass, Rosemary Dewitt. When Iris offers friend Tom the family cabin, both she and he expect he’ll be there alone. Instead he encounters Iris’s sister Hannah, and they hit it off.

She says: This is a small movie: small cast, short time frame, moderate drama. But the three principals play well off each other, and I got caught up in their story. Tom is mourning the loss of his brother; Hannah has ended a seven-year-old relationship. They get to drinking, and then they get into each other. Which makes it awkward all around when Iris shows up and confesses to Hannah that she’s in love with Tom (despite having previously dated Tom’s brother George).

He says: You know what I thought of that one.

She says: That not enough happened?

He says: You got it!

She says: I’ll never understand how you’re the people person in this relationship, and yet you don’t like movies about real people with realistic problems,

***1/2 Inside Job (October 2010) – Rental
Documentary about the global economic crisis of 2008. Narrated by Matt Damon.

She says: Rather timely viewing in light of the recent decision to not lay any charges against the Goldman Sachs executives. And after seeing this, you’ll be infuriated about that.

Because the global economic crisis of 2008, which caused (and continues to cause) so much pain to so many people, was no accident. It was caused by very rich people very knowingly playing dangerous games with everyone’s money. And then insuring themselves against the catastrophic losses that they knew were inevitable.

The movie does a very good job at explaining these complex financial transactions in a way that makes sense. And it shows the degree to which those responsible are ingrained in political culture (Republican and Democrat alike—doesn’t matter; Obama does not look good in this one), such that still nothing is being done, really, to stop them from doing this sort of thing again.

He says: I can’t watch this. I’m getting too angry.

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