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Movie review: Iron Man

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Iron Man poster*** Iron Man (April 200) – Rental

Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow. Wealthy genius weapons manufacturer changes direction after being kidnapped in Afghanistan.

She says: I got interested in this after seeing The Avengers, because Iron Man was perhaps my favorite character in the movie. I found the Afghanistan setting and the look at the US military industrial really interesting for a “superhero” movie—gave it more depth. I was also struck by the fact that Tony Stark was such a nerd. Yes, despite being a very charming, extremely handsome, and wealthy man who therefore has no trouble attracting the ladies. The fact remains he has no friends, and seems happiest spending hours alone in his basement, playing with his tech.

The downside would be that it was a bit slow in parts, and the villain of the piece was of the bwah-ha-ha unsubtle variety.

He says: Not too bad. A bit slow at times. I really liked the character of Pepper. I’d probably give it 2 and half or three stars.

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