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Movie review: Silver Linings Playbook

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We did not see too many of the Oscar-nominated movies this year, but can now add another to the list.

Silver Linings Playbook poster

***½ Silver Linings Playbook (April 2013) – Theatre

Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence. Pat Solatano leaves the mental hospital he entered on a plea bargain with a determination to rebuild his life with his wife. The slightly unstable Tiffany offers to help, if he’ll do something for her.

She says: This movie works by putting a new spin on the romantic comedy. With both lead characters dealing with some degree of mental illness, and one still married, the barriers are real. The movie also feels more real than your average rom-com: The mental illness, the family dynamics, are not always pretty, not always comfortable.

Both Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence are very good in their roles, and they’re surrounded by quite the cast, including Robert DeNiro and Julia Stiles. The dark moments are effectively balanced with humorous, and I love movies that include great scenes about learning to dance! I went in not knowing too much about this one, despite its acclaim, and came out quite the fan.

[I have to preface this part by saying that I gave Jean a very poor (and not so accurate) synopsis of what this movie was about. And he hadn’t heard anything else about it.]

He says: God, I liked that so much more than I was expecting! It was kind of sexy, in a weird way (for a movie with no sex), and had good acting, with an interesting relationship and story. It was actually a really good movie!

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