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Movie review: Much Ado About Nothing

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***½ Much Ado About Nothing (June 2013) – Theatre

Much Ado About Nothing posterAmy Acker, Alexis Denisof. Shakespeare’s classic comedy in a modern setting.

“I’m bored.” — Text from my husband, just before the movie started.

She says: On a warm summer’s evening, I had proposed an outing of walk in the park, gelato, and movie. He eagerly embraced the proposal—except for the movie. He feared being bored by that.

I was not so concerned. But as noted, the movie is set in modern times, and begins wordlessly. When the characters begin speaking in iambic pentameter, I must say I did find it a bit jarring, as though I was hearing Esperanto without subtitles. But I got into the flow of the language pretty quickly, and was fine thereafter. A lot of the comedy is physical, as well, which helps it along.

Overall, I found it very enjoyable. It’s very funny where it’s supposed to be, throughout. The dramatic moments are suitably so. The inserted backstory of Beatrice and Benedict adds interest. And it is fun seeing some of Joss Whedon’s favorite TV actors again: Topher! (from Dollhouse, as Claudio), Fred! (from Angel, as Beatrice), Captain Reynolds! (from Firefly, as Dogberry).

Don’t fear the Shakespeare.

He says: OK, it wasn’t totally boring. Nathan Fillion was really good—really funny.

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