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Movie review: Kill Your Darlings

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This one was a split vote.

Kill Your Darlings movie posterKill Your Darlings  (October 2013) – Theatre

Daniel Radcliffe, Dane DeHaan. A look at Allen Ginsberg’s first year of university, where a friendship with classmate Lucien Carr brings him excitement, exhilaration, and turmoil, until a murder puts an end to it.

She says: I found myself caught up in Ginsberg’s journey from his troubled home life with his mentally ill mom to the freedom and excitement of university life. As Lucien Carr draws Ginsberg into his world of artists, drugs, and parties, you can see him flourish with inspiration—a sort of Dead Poet’s Society, only rather more corrupt. And it was nice to see the written word take centre stage: their big caper is to break into a library and steal some of the naughty books; their great goal is to “write something beautiful”. (Rating: ***)

He says: Oh my God, that was so boring. (Rating: *)

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