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No idea why, but it just got to bugging me this past weekend that the media kept referring to us “losing an hour of sleep” this weekend due to daylight savings time.

Because, no we didn’t. Not necessarily.

Sure the lost hour occurs overnight, and sure most people are sleeping then. But it doesn’t have to follow that they therefore lose an hour of sleep.

You can, after all, go to bed an hour early that day. Or, you can sleep in to an hour later than usual. (It happens on a weekend, after all. Many people don‘t work, or at least start later on the Sunday.) You can even go to bed and get up at your usual times (according the clock), then have an unusual one-hour afternoon nap.

So media, we do not lose an hour of sleep due to daylight savings. We lose an hour of the day. Whether that means one less hour spent awake or asleep is really up to each individual’s circumstances and preferences.

Got it? Because I really don’t want to have to go over this with you again next year…

3 thoughts on “The pedantic corner

  1. I like your analysis of the casual wording. Specific use of words we need.

  2. Sadly, you will have to go over it again. And next year I will have to complain again that it even exists int he first place. It’s a rite of spring, like tulips and jelly bean availability.

  3. Reblogged this on Cultureguru's Weblog and commented:

    Digging this one up from 2014. Because nobody necessarily lost an hour of *sleep* this weekend, and I am tired of hearing that we all did…

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