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About the red hat

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We’re just back from a trip to the French Riviera, and I expect I’ll be writing a few blog posts about that.

I feel a need to start, though, by explaining my attire.

I have travelled the world (well, Europe and the Americas, anyway) with this green hat that has served me well, and that I still have, but for this new vacation, which was a walking tour, I felt it was time for a new one.

Jean’s had a series of hats over this same time frame, most of them Tilley Endurables brand. This is a Canadian company that was built around these well-made, lifetime guarantee, water resistant, floatable, breathable, hats. So I thought I’d get me one of those.

And I just couldn’t resist the bright red one. It was fun, it seemed to suit me, it was Tilley.

What I didn’t think about what that red just doesn’t match with everything. And it particularly didn’t match either of my Gortex jackets, one turquoise and purple, another pale mauve, that were basically the required outwear for a walking tour. And though I didn’t have to wear the jackets all the time (mostly, we had nice weather), it also didn’t go with my light blue top, or my deep blue top, or my purple top, which again were of the breathable fabric one kind of has to wear when exerting oneself outdoors.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Me, clashing, in the small medieval town of Roquebrune

Then at one point, we got enough rain that I felt compelled to pull out the rain pants, which I hadn’t worn since the 1980s, and were therefore a lovely 1980s turquoise green. So picture this in your mind: Turquoise green pants, pale mauve jacket (if only I had the other coat that day, but no!), and red hat.

In fact, you’ll have to picture that just in your mind, because I refused to let Jean take any photographic evidence of it.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Here, up in the French alps, wearing the only “outdoor” shirt that somewhat matched the hat…

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