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Of him I wish to muse aloud


Adam Lambert is releasing a new single called “Ghost Town” sometime this month, to be followed by a full album this summer. I know this, along with many other Lambert facts, because I’ve recently become very interested in all things Adam Lambert. He is my current celebrity crush.

I am a bit weirdly monogamish about these. At any time, I of course enjoy the work and attractiveness of any number of celebrities. However, there is generally just one that I prefer above all others. Currently, that’s Lambert.

Adam Lambert with fringe

He succeeds Roger Daltrey.

Roger Daltrey with fringe

Whom, I believe, succeeded Spike, as portrayed by James Marsters…

Spike in Fool for Love

So I may have a “type” when it comes to celebrity crushes.

A cool, steampunk, glitter-rock vampire with, like, tats and guyliner…

— Blaine’s description of Adam’s character (who is basically Adam) on Glee

Adam as glitter-rock vampire

Of course, for an actual relationship, this type is completely unrealistic—starting with the fact that I will never meet these people. And if I ever did, I would never be beautiful or charming or interesting enough for them. I’d just be another fan.

Although this kind goes both ways. I mean, who would actually want to date a celebrity? Your life suddenly made public? Your identity subordinated to someone’s else’s fame? And having to deal with an artistic temperament? With a partner who’s always off on tour or shooting on location? Who is constantly being tempted by adoring fans and groupies, or having to make out with his coworkers? No thanks!

So, a celebrity crush is all about fantasy. And its unrealistic nature goes beyond just the celebrity vs normal person thing. For example, with Roger Daltrey, I wasn’t really into the present tense him. I mean, dude’s 71 years old! He looks great for his age…

Daltrey in concert

But he’s still basically a grandpa.

No,it was the Daltrey of the 60s, 70s, and 80s that I was into. This was a “time travel” crush.

Daltrey at Woodstock

Daltrey at Live Aid

Now, actor James Marsters is only moderately older than me; his present tense self was just fine, age-wise. Thing is, though, I didn’t really have a crush on “actor James Marsters”. I was really more into his character, Spike. Who was really very different from Mr. Masters. So this was a “fiction” crush. “Double fiction” really, as this was not only a fictional character, but a fictional creature as well. A vampire!

Spike the vampire

The non-vamp face was admittedly much hotter, though…

And Adam Lambert? He’s only 33, and he’s not fictional, so that’s all good. But he is gay. And not in “I can just pretend he’s bisexual” kind of way, but gay gay. So this would be a “sexuality is just construct” crush (or something. I have to keep working on that label.)

At any rate, I’m hardly alone in this impractical attraction.

Lambert is handsome — six feet one and 185 pounds, with patrician features and sky-blue eyes — and he’s unrepentant about flirting with both sexes. Even when you know that he’s gay, it’s hard not to find him physically attractive. And that’s the way he likes it. “I loved it this season when girls went crazy for me,” he says. “As far as I’m concerned, it’s all hot.”
— Vanessa Grigordias, Rolling Stone Magazine:Adam Lambert: Wild Idol

It appears that even some straight men get caught up in it.

[On watching the Queen + Adam Lambert UK New Year’s concert]

At the first few notes of Don’t Stop me Now, husband looked up.

“Fucking hell,” he said, “he’s gorgeous”.  This is a guy who is normally fairly heterosexual.

From My Bad Ass Alter Ego (a truly terrific blog about Adam, Queen, and music performance in general)

But it’s not just his physical beauty, or his incredible level of fitness, though both are quite remarkable.

✨🌟✨ 300 HQ pictures of @adamlambert - iHeart Radio Music Awards 2015 via @adamlambert_pic …

Mmm. Pretty. (Photo courtesy

(Particularly that his fashion and style sense have a come a long way since his Idol days.)

Because there are a lot of gorgeous, well-dressed celebrities. Not too many of them, however, sing as well as Adam Lambert does. His voice is often described as “angelic”.

Blast from the Past — Adam singing “Mad World” on Idol

Which again, might not be enough, if he didn’t also sing songs I really enjoy. I am truly grateful that he has revitalized Queen, my favorite band, breathing new life into their music and allowing me to see them in concert for the first time.

Adam Lambert’s beautiful interpretation of one of Queen’s best songs: “Who Wants to Live Forever”

He was also an incredible interpreter of many styles on American Idol, which I caught up with via a 2.25 hour YouTube clip! Besides “Mad World”, I also especially liked his take on Johnny’s Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and Zeppelin’s “Whole Lotta Love”. His own solo output is pretty small at this point—two studio albums, one live—but also quite enjoyable.

And he not only has the vocal chops; he is a performer. In concert, he is charismatic and fun. And quite the dancer.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

I also appreciate that in interviews and such, Adam comes across as a rather sweet person, with an endearingly goofy side. He never seems to take himself too seriously.

Photo & Video Sharing by SmugMug

Both of these GIFs also from

But he’s not all kittens and puppies. It’s good for a celebrity crush to have a bit of a dark side, for interest. Daltrey seems a very decent guy, but still had a temper (and more than few illegitimate children). Spike became one of the good guys on Buffy, but still and always—vampire! And Adam? Well, he’s the guy who nearly won American Idol, then scandalized middle America with his crotch-thrusting, tongue-kissing performance on the American Music Awards show. Remember?

Basically, the things he does with his hips, microphone stand, and tongue while performance are, well, not exactly “angelic”.

Adam Lambert and guitar

And what does my actual life partner thinks about my celebrity crushes? Well, he’s mostly confused by them. He doesn’t have his own, and doesn’t see the point of obsessions with the imaginary.

 But he’s come to accept it as something I enjoy that is no threat to him–except for his having to attend a few more rock concerts or watch a few more vampire shows than he might otherwise choose to.

6 thoughts on “Of him I wish to muse aloud

  1. We all need to little something to exercise our imaginations with! And of course, it’s excruciatingly wonderful to lust after someone who is so, SO unattainable, not just by reason of their stardom. Adam seems to balance the “good” and the “naughty” sides of himself; he can sing like an angel but morph into the incubus that possesses you in your dreams.

    My husband still has a bit of a man crush on Adam; I think that seeing Fat Bottomed Girls twice live has left some indelible images on his mind… 🙂

  2. Looks like a Queen fan who has discovered Adam. Another one bites the dust 🙂 You said he’s a current crush, and u r monogamish about it. Me too, the only thing is, after Adam, there’s just no one else who can top him so from my ‘current crush’ 6 years ago, I’m still crushing on him till today… I’ve fallen deep down his rabbit hole and that has perplexed me… He’s naughty but nice, humble but fierce, confident but not arrogant, dark but light, dangerous but harmless… He is unorthodoxed… a rebel who challenges rules and status quo… He’s unapologetic and unafraid to be who he is. I find that dangerously sexy and appealing. Attraction to looks or fictional characters is superficial and short lived but Adam is not fictional! He is very real! And his mind… I’m attracted to his intelligence, sophistication and complexity and that is far more intriguing, addictive and appealing than anything else. I think if u haven’t already, u will soon relate to every word on FYE’s lyrics.

    • You’re right — I sorta liked him before, but the Queen collaboration took it to another level for me. Thanks for the warning about his staying power as an object of obsession. 🙂

  3. Read this on Adam Lambert Fan Club on facebook and love your article on Adam Lambert. There’s something very special about Adam, he’s undoubtedly an incredible vocalist and performer but there’s more. I can’t describe it, ‘X’ factor seems mild compared to what he projects when he’s on stage, at interviews and mingling with fans. It’s a mix of so many endearing qualities; intelligence, humility, wittiness, candor, sexiness and yet sweet and endearing and goofy. You don’t usually call a hot and sexy man endearing and sweet but Adam Lambert is all of the above. He is gay and yet, he appeals to everyone, regardless of gender and their orientation. It’s his personality and smile. He kinds of brightens up and you actually see the joy and light when he performs. He has said many times he loves it best when he’s on stage performing. He lives and breathes music, it’s his life. And I think we all can see it when he’s on stage, entertaining us. He gives it his best and when he reads some negative reviews, he would just go out and try to outdo his last performance. He’s quite the perfectionist and he has said that he’s his own worst critic. But having performed with the the incredible Brian May and Roger Taylor of the iconic band, Queen, Adam has learned so much from them. He has learned to enjoy himself and not be so harsh on himself. People come and go, but for me, I strongly believe this is just the beginning for Adam Lambert. He is an incredible virtuoso, a talent that so many in the world has yet to find out. I sincerely hope Adam’s third album, The Original High which will be released in the summer will be a huge success. His first single, Ghost Town is due out on April 21st and music people who have heard it have nothing but rave about it. Talent should be recognized and rewarded and Adam Lambert has oomphs of it. Here’s hoping to a great year for Adam Lambert with his new album under his new label, Warner Brothers. Whichever direction Adam takes, I’m in for the long ride because if anyone deserves to shine on the world stage, it’s him.

  4. Yep….what Ama said. 6 Years for me also, and I’m still crushing hard enough that I found your blog! Ha Ha It is “Adam related” right?! See what I mean…Oy!

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