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Some recent-ish news about subjects previously featured in this blog…

KW Glee, who blew us away with their performance with the KW Symphony earlier this year, proved that performance was no fluke as they were named Show Choir Canada’s Grand Champions. They also won best vocal, choreography, show design, and new choir. Unsurprisingly, their spring concert is sold out! We’re going to have to be more on the ball for tickets if want to see them in concert again.

As for the TV show that inspired KW Glee, the last two season 5 Glee episodes featuring Adam Lambert — “Trio” and “New New York” turned out to be… Pretty good, actually. Not so good that I feel the need to watch more episodes of Glee or anything, but worth watching for more than the Lambert pretty.

Adam Lambert himself has been in full promotional mode this week, as his new single has been released.  “Ghost Town” is incredibly catchy and rather, as long you’re OK with the house style (which  I am). Now that I’m no longer in a grief fog, I’ve also been re-listening to his Trespassing album. It’s quite good (and more than just distracting pop, really); very surprising it wasn’t a bigger success. Let’s hope he gets the success he deserves with the new album, out in June.

Adam Lambert on radio

And he’s still handsome. Guess that’s not news.

.But the other “Americans” I’ve been watching, Elizabeth and Phillip, have been recognized with a Peabody Award for Quality in Television. Well-deserved, I think; we’re nearly done watching Season 1 of The Americans and the show only get more complicated and fascinating as it goes. Apparently it’s just as good (or even better) through seasons 2 and 3. Great viewing ahead!

2 thoughts on “Follow-ups

  1. I’ve not quite taken to the Americans. I recognize that it’s well done and all that, but there are so many other shows I just enjoy watching more. I’ve not started season 3 yet – have all the episodes downloaded. Maybe it’s better if you binge watch it. I would find that from one week to the next, I’d completely forget the previous episode’s plots. Half the time I can’t remember the main characters’ names — like the FBI head guy is John-Boy Walton to me.

    On the other hand, I am totally loving Outlander. Never read the books because I thought they’d be glorified harlequin romances, but I was wrong. And Vikings is totally brilliant too.

    • Well, it has been nice watching The Americans episodes in close succession, so that might well be a factor.

      We are planning to start watching Outlander soon. It sounds good!

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