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McSteamy 2005–2019



Goodbye, beautiful boy.

We miss your cuddles, the head-butting so powerful it could almost knock you over, the purring that you learned to do, the insistent meowing for attention that you also learned to do, those deep kitten sleeps of yours, your determined hunting of toy mice, your favorite spot in the middle of everything, your appreciation of sunlight and a warm fire, and even your habit of batting anything in your way onto the floor. Zoë is not so sure that she misses you stealing her food.

But we’re all glad that you’re not suffering anymore.

— Cathy, Jean, and Zoë

Doing what one does best!

5 thoughts on “McSteamy 2005–2019

  1. So sorry to hear about McSteamy’s passing! It was nice to get to know more about him in your previous post, though I was sorry to hear about his health issues. Take care!

    • Thank you! Of course, we miss him, but the relief of no longer having to watch him get sicker has provided more comfort than I would have expected. (Still having Zoë helps, too.)

  2. I’m so sorry for your loss my friends. I know he had a wonderful life with you.

  3. I’m so sorry to hear this. 😿

    If you’d like us to feature him as a tribute in our rainbow bridge posts let us know. ❤

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