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My first paid restaurant reviewing gig

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The email was a bit strange, with a plea for help interspersed with complaints about having to use an “infernal machine” (the computer??) and a request for my phone number.

But the email address looked totally legit, one that I had indeed previously sent unsolicited restaurant reviews to.

It was Jean who had the bright idea of calling the publishing house to see if the email was for real.

“Oh yeah,” we learned. “Anne hates using the computer. But she does need help with restaurant reviews in KW.”

And so I ended up in conversation with the long-time writer of Where to Eat in Canada. I was able to give recent verbal reports on Verses and 20 King (now Bistro 41), but the other two she needed information on, I hadn’t been to in quite a while.

“Would you be willing to go to one of them in the next two weeks? I’ll pay you.”

So just like that, my first paid restaurant review. Not I’ll be credited, mind you. And as for the payment… Well, I won’t be making enough to cover the meal (for two), let alone make a profit.

Still, I’m excited. And in the way of restaurant reviewers, I’m staying mum about my target establishment until the dining is done and reported on.

One thought on “My first paid restaurant reviewing gig

  1. Totally awesome! Post when it’s done so we can read it. 🙂

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