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Bob Geldof (‘s people) tweeted about “my” video


I have a Twitter account now, but this is no request for followers, as I have yet to “tweet” a darn thing.

I have, however, been following a few people, like the recently launched @BobGeldofFans. It’s not Bob (who, I learned on Twitter, apparently doesn’t even email, let alone tweet), but it is sanctioned by him.

And 23 hours ago, they posted this:

BobGeldofFans Bob Geldof

MEMORY LANE Take a look at this video — Bob Geldof – Too Late God – Tribute to Freddie Mercury concert… via @youtube

Which links to a video on my YouTube account! So that was sort of cool. (Though one has to say this was hardly Bob’s best live performance…)

2 thoughts on “Bob Geldof (‘s people) tweeted about “my” video

  1. I had a UK Conservative MP tweet one of my recent blog posts. That was a big surprise to me!

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