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Twittering through the US election

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On the night of the US election, after blogging about dresses, I decided to avoid all forms of news. Though I felt fairly good about the odds, particularly from Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight, I found I was overreacting to speculations of Romney victories. And I knew the results wouldn’t be known, for sure, until kind of late. And I was alone. I just didn’t need the solitary anxiety.

So no web, no TV, no radio for me. I just watched my new DVD of The Who Live in Texas 1975, which was awesome! Then I went to bed, knowing that my alarm, tuned to CBC Radio One, would give me the news upon awakening.

… Though in fact I had to wait, like, 5 minutes while they did traffic and weather and stuff. But then Matt Galloway read the night’s most popular tweet:

Barack Obama ‏@BarackObama

Four more years.

It seems apt that, even though it was through radio, I got the news via tweet, as Twitter as truly been my main source for following this election. The details were in various New York Times, Mother Jones,  etc. articles. Directing me to those were tweets.

So of course, I couldn’t wait to get on and read all the ones I’d missed the night before, when I’d been in avoidance mode. It was kind of like reliving the whole thing in condensed time. Here’s a sampling.

The watching begins

God ‏@TheTweetOfGod

If Romney wins I’m moving to hell.

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @rkgill: Here we go! May the best man or Mitt Romney win! #22USAVotes

Results start to come in

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @markcheck99: RT @roofer_on_fire: Canada secures borders in case Obama wins, anticipates stampede of up to 2 million morons. #22USAvotes

Nate Silver ‏@fivethirtyeight

On The Wall, The Writing.

But Florida remains inconclusive

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @mypolishface: RT @MrBobKerr: Man, remind me not to go out to dinner with Florida. Takes ’em FOREVER to decide. #22USAvotes

Republicans lose some big ones

Alex ‏@AlexCarpenter

“The Rape guy lost” “Which one?” Your party has serious issues if people have to ask “Which one?” #GOP #itstheTwentyFirstCentury

The Daily Show ‏@TheDailyShow

#TDSBreakingNews Detroit votes to let @MittRomney fail. #DailyShowLive

Ricky Gervais ‏@rickygervais

Romney loses Pennsylvania. Apparently The Amish thought he was too behind the times.

And… they call it

God ‏@TheTweetOfGod

You’re welcome.

Jon Schwarz ‏@tinyrevolution

Nate Silver being right brings up the very real and terrifying possibility that climate scientists are too

Gladstone ‏@WGladstone

Your party doesn’t believe in evolution. RT @McCainBlogette Heartbroken. My party has to evolve or it’s going to die.

But Romney seems to dawdle on the conceding

Tabatha Southey ‏@TabathaSouthey

Romney still not conceding. Possibly he’ll build a White House near the real White House & start governing. But his house will be bigger.

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @robbierobtown: Romney, concede. The WORLD wants to go to bed. #22USAvotes#Obama2012#CanadaIsSleepy#TheWorldVotes

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @heyitstva: “Wait…can I just buy more states?” – Romney #election2012#22USAvotes

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

Tell it like it is, bro! #22USAvotes RT @stefquaglia: “The only time we’ve looked forward to a Mitt Romney speech” #markcritch#USvotesCBC

And there is cheer

ThisHourHas22Minutes ‏@22_Minutes

RT @thedarcymichael: America tonight you voted for weed, married gays & a black dude. Basically my sex bucket list. Thanks. #22USAvotes

whedonesque ‏@whedonesque

“Guys, take a moment to deal with this. We survived.”

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