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In the dresses

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I did occasion to wear a couple of the newly purchased dresses recently. First this one, to a dinner at Verses (photo taken after, faded makeup and all):

Wearing black, red, and pink dress

Dinner there was great, of course. First time with their new winter menu.

And actually, I also wore that dress to work one day, with camisole underneath, to cover up the cleave…

The purple one I did wear to a Christmas party, as planned. I was the only one in that colour! (Red seems popular this year. Black always is, of course.)

Thing is, the only photo I have showing the entire dress, I don’t really like. So instead, here’s a couple of just the top of the dress. You’ll have to just imagine the rest of it.

Photo with Mr. B

(Her I’m with someone Jean works with. An important someone.)

Dining in dress

The blue one has yet to have an outing, but I’m sure its day will come.

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