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Movie review: 21 Jump Street

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*** 21 Jump Street (May 2012) – Rental

21 Jump Street posterJonah Hill, Channing Tatum. Two rookie police officers get assigned to go undercover as high school students to find the source of new dangerous drug.

She says: This is one of the stupid comedies that works, partly because it’s not totally stupid. It is far-fetched, but it’s hard not to enjoy the self-reflexive in-jokes and some inspired guest casting. And the premise that what is cool at high school today—environmental consciousness, sensitivity to gay rights, earnestness—is very different from what was cool ten years ago feels kind of true (though how the heck would I know, at my age) and definitely makes for some funny moments. Was is it with American movies and the idolizing of male friendships, though? Wow…

He says: You liked that? It was kind of stupid, wasn’t it?

[She adds: And y’all think I’m the movie snob…]

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