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Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness


Once in a while we go see a blockbuster…

Star Trek Into Darkness poster*** Star Trek Into Darkness (May 2013) – Theatre

Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana. The second movie in the Star Trek reboo. The Federation itself is attacked, and the Enterprise is sent on a mission of vengeance that doesn’t sit well with all the crew.

She says: Not quite as good as the first in this series, I don’t think, but I still enjoyed this outing. The characters, plotting, and ethical issues are richer than in many action movies, making it more enjoyable to me—even though at least one plot twist was just too easy to guess, kinda ruining one dramatic moment for me (though I won’t spoil it, regardless). I still find it funny that much of the action in this a sci fi series just involves fisticuffs—shouldn’t there be light sabers or something? :-)—but I guess that’s an homage to the original Star Trek.

As for the change from the original in how the villain was handled; well, I don’t remember at all what the original story was (although I know I saw that movie, but it’s been years), so gotta say that it didn’t bother me in the least.

He says: That was good; I enjoyed it. It wasn’t terribly intellectual or anything, but it kept me entertained.

2 thoughts on “Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

  1. I just loved this one – I think it’s my favourite Trek movie of all time. I love the new cast, I love the direction JJ Abrams is taking the series, and I loved how it paid homage to the original. And the tribble reference!!!! Too perfect!!!

  2. I’m not Star Trek-ian enough to have caught all that! Glad you enjoyed the movie, though.

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