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We’re sorry; we’re experience technical difficulties

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This was to be a post about the technical issues we’ve encountered this week, but my two attempts at it seemed too long, pointless, and frankly boring. (I realize that might describe many of the posts at this indulgent blog, but when you’re boring even yourself, that’s a problem!)

Yes, last week we had intermittent but regular Internet outages. And a cell phone mysteriously locking up. And a NAS drive reporting a boot error that made its data inaccessible. And home phone outages. And flickering cable signals. And being locked out of financial software.

It was all kind of stressful.


But we’re out of crisis mode for the moment. Thanks to a cell phone reboot, a physical NAS drive swap, a visit from a Rogers technician who replaced our very old connector, and a software patch update, all systems are go at the moment, no data lost.


So I don’t want to go on about it all. I’ll just share some lessons learned:

  • A two-drive NAS is great, but use it as backup of your PC hard drive, and not the sole source of data. (And of course consider cloud backups for more critical items.)
  • Rogers home phone people seem more savvy than the Internet ones (?), so if having troubles with both services, try to talk to them. The home phone person detected a problem almost immediately, and had me set up with a service appointment the next day.

Now I can once again enjoy the virtual sunsets of Estonia. And share them with you.


Source: Tallinna Laululava on Instagram

One thought on “We’re sorry; we’re experience technical difficulties

  1. I can sympathize–tech problems are the *worst*!

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