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We saw Mamma Mia this week.

No, not the movie — we caught that on the flight from Rome to Toronto.

It was the live stage play at Centre in the Square — an American touring production.

Darn, that was fun. Now, we had really great seats. In renewing the subscription, we chose the new night being offered, and thereby ended up in the seventh row, right in the centre. Except for the bother of walking by so many people on the way to our seats, it was pretty much perfect.

And the show is just so entertaining. It moves along well, it has lot of humour, the singers were better than Pierce Brosnan :-), and you get to dance along at the end.

DH also enjoyed it, to his surprise. He asked how it compared to the Toronto production I’d seen some years ago, but I couldn’t remember well enough. (Except I know my seats weren’t nearly as good.) I didn’t recall the TO production being quite as racy as what I saw, and I hadn’t remembered all the encore songs. But that could well be my memory and not actual differences.

Show we saw was sold out, but it’s also playing all next week. If you want a fun night out, I’d recommend it.

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